Professional wastewater treatment


Professional wastewater treatment

Treatment technology of fluorinated wastewater

Fluorine is an element widely distributed in the geosphere, and there are more than 80 fluorine-containing minerals known in the crust, such as fluorite, cryolite, various fluoride salts, fluorapatite and so on. In industry, fluorine is an important chemical raw material, and its compounds are widely used in aluminum smelting, coke, glass, electroplating, phosphate fertilizer, iron and steel, fertilizer, pesticide, organic synthetic chemical industry, electronics industry, atomic energy industry, as well as organic fluorine advanced lubricating oil, oxygen difluoride of rocket propellant, hydrazine fluoride, fluorine refrigerant and so on. The pollution of fluorine in the environment is harmful to human health, which is one of the most concerned and valued problems in the world.

At present, the commonly used methods of defluorination are chemical precipitation, coagulation precipitation, etc., which can quickly remove fluorine ions in wastewater, and the process is simple. Among them, chemical precipitation method has a good effect on high-concentration wastewater, but its utilization rate is low, which is easy to cause waste; The coagulation-precipitation method has the advantages of small dosage and large amount of treatment water, but the effect of fluoride removal is affected by stirring conditions and settling time, and the effluent quality is not stable enough.

In order to overcome the existing physical and chemical wastewater defluorination methods in high operating costs, harsh conditions for defluorination and other problems, Shandong Chaohua Environmental protection Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a new deep purification of fluorine ion complex ligand water treatment agent (biological agent JLT--005), has successfully achieved industrialization, and established a production line, can achieve large-scale production. Due to the high efficiency flocculation of biological agents at the same time, fluorine efficient purification can be achieved, and the concentration of fluoride ions in purified water is far lower than the relevant standards. The technology has the advantages of high efficiency, low investment and operation cost, simple operation, strong impact load resistance, stable effect and no secondary pollution, and can be applied to treat all kinds of fluorine-containing wastewater.

Advantages of advanced treatment of biological agents:

(1) Strong impact load resistance, efficient purification, stable operation, for wastewater with large and irregular concentration fluctuations, the concentration of fluoride ions in purified water after treatment by biological agent advanced treatment technology is stable to meet the standard requirements;

② The slag water separation effect is good, the effluent is clear and the water quality is stable;

(3) The amount of hydrolysis residue is less than that of neutralization method, and the heavy metal content is higher, which is conducive to resource utilization;

(4) The treatment facilities are conventional facilities, small footprint, low investment and construction cost, and mature technology;

⑤ Low operating cost.

Integrated high-efficiency reaction clarification equipment

(1) Equipment overview

The integrated high-efficiency reaction clarification equipment is based on the characteristics of the company's biologics series technology, aiming at the characteristics of some projects such as limited land area, limited investment, short construction period, wastewater emergency treatment and sewage treatment in areas not covered by the collection network, the company's "industrial wastewater advanced treatment series technology" and "high-efficiency clarification". Form the company's unique integrated equipment.

The technology (equipment) can select the corresponding type of biological agents and other water treatment agents according to the different nature of the wastewater, and the industrial wastewater can be neutralized, advanced treatment and efficient clarification in the integrated equipment. It has significant treatment effect on F, SS, heavy metals (Tl, Pb, Zn, Cd, As, Cu, etc.), COD, P, hardness and other indicators, which can realize that the indicators of purified water can meet the requirements of relevant pollutant discharge standards, and can meet the requirements of relevant standards under optimized conditions.

Equipment application

Application: The equipment can be used in non-ferrous metal smelting wastewater, non-ferrous metal rolling processing wastewater, mine acid heavy metal wastewater, electroplating, chemical industry and other heavy metal wastewater treatment.

The integrated high-efficiency reaction clarification equipment has a wide range of applications, and its main application areas are as follows:

1) Mining and dressing wastewater: removal of suspended solids and heavy metals;

2) Coal chemical wastewater: deep removal of suspended matter, organic matter and fluorine;

3) Steel and non-ferrous metallurgy wastewater: removal of hardness, heavy metals and suspended solids;

4) Paper, printing and dyeing industry wastewater: phosphorus, organic matter, chroma removal;

5) Construction wastewater: removal of suspended solids;

6) Emergency treatment of industrial wastewater.

With the continuous progress of photovoltaic industry technology, the large-scale application of N-type advanced technologies represented by heterojunction and TOPCon are facing the problem of advanced treatment of fluorine-containing wastewater. The successful delivery of the deep defluorination wastewater project in the photovoltaic industry by Tian Tian Yue Hua Environmental Protection will have a positive impact on the further expansion of the company's deep defluorination business and is of important strategic significance.

Next, Tian Da Yue Hua Environmental protection will make steady progress, continue to strengthen research and development and innovation, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the development of industry, and contribute more to the high-quality development of strategic emerging industries!

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