Reverse osmosis equipment RO system working principle


Reverse osmosis equipment RO system working principle

RO reverse osmosis purified water equipment pretreatment

Osmosis technology is a mature membrane liquid separation technology, which applies operating pressure on the inlet (concentrated solution) side to overcome the natural osmotic pressure. When the operating pressure higher than the natural osmotic pressure is added to the concentrated solution side, the flow direction of the natural osmosis of water molecules will be reversed, and the water component in the inlet (concentrated solution) will become the purification water on the dilute solution side through the reverse osmosis membrane.

Reverse osmosis equipment can block all dissolved salt and molecular weight greater than 100 organic matter, but allow water molecules to pass through, reverse osmosis composite membrane desalination rate is generally greater than 98%, can be widely used in industrial pure water and electronic ultra-pure water preparation, drinking pure water production, boiler water supply and other processes, the use of reverse osmosis equipment before ion exchange can greatly reduce the bottom of the operation of water and wastewater discharge.

Reverse osmosis equipment RO system pretreatment system classification


1, quartz sand filter: remove suspended solids, colloids, sediment, clay, particles and other impurities, reduce the turbidity of water.


2, activated carbon filter: chemical adsorption of various substances, remove water odor, organic matter, colloids, iron and residual chlorine.


3, automatic softening device: the use of ion exchange resin on the sodium ion exchange water calcium and magnesium ions, reduce the hardness of water.


4. Security filter: PP melt-blown filter element is used to remove particles larger than

5.  microns in the pre-treatment system and protect the RO film.


The RO system features of reverse osmosis equipment are as follows


1, the equipment structure is compact and easy to maintain, occupying a small area, high water production;


2, the preparation of pure water without phase change, low energy consumption;


3, no acid, alkali and other wastewater discharge, is a new energy-saving environmental protection equipment;


4, reverse osmosis system of waste water and pure water ratio is low, small industrial reverse osmosis system can reach 1:1.