RO membrane


RO membrane

RO membrane is also called reverse osmosis membrane, or reverse osmosis membrane.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a high precision membrane separation technology. The water in ordinary life is permeated from clean water to concentrated water, but the water purifier is not the same, it is to filter the contaminated water and filter the contaminated water into clean water, so it is called reverse osmosis.The filtration accuracy of the RO membrane is very high, reaching 0.0001 micron, which is 800,000 times smaller than a human hair. 200 times smaller than the smallest virus. By increasing the pressure of the water, you can separate out the tiny harmful substances in the water. These harmful substances include viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, residual chlorine, chlorides and so on.

RO membrane PH values are in the range of 2~11, of course, this is also the standard of general water; Maximum turbidity not exceeding 1NTU; SDI no more than (15 minutes) than 5; Chlorine concentration less than 0.1PPM.

Desalting properties of RO membrane


The desalting rate of RO film is an indicator to measure the quality of RO film, the better the quality of RO film, the higher the desalting rate, and the longer the use time. Of course, the desalting rate is also related to some other factors. For example, in the same working environment, the greater the pressure of the water purifier, the higher the desalination rate, the lower the tds value of filtered pure water; Of course, it is also related to the tds value of the source water, and the smaller the tds value of the source water, the smaller the tds value of the filtered water must be.

The desalting rate is also related to the PH value, and the PH value is 6-8, that is, when the neutral water is used, the desalting rate is the highest. It is also related to temperature, the higher the temperature, the higher the desalination rate. In winter, when the temperature drops and the desalination rate decreases, the tds value will become higher. It is negatively correlated with the back pressure of pure water side. The higher the back pressure, the lower the desalting rate, and the higher the TD value of pure water.

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