Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rto
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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rto

Tianhua Institute of Environmental Protection is the birthplace of the first RTO in China. You can rest assured to buy Chaohua Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rtoenvironmental protection equipment. We are trusted by our customers and loved by consumers around the world for our high quality products. Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is an energy saving and environmental protection device for the treatment of volatile organic waste gas. Its extremely high VOCs removal rate and thermal efficiency can not only make the final emissions meet the national emission control requirements, but also greatly reduce the cost of waste gas treatment and reduce the cost of production energy.

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Product Description

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rto

Product Overview                                             

Regenerative Thermal incinerator is also known as: regenerative thermal oxidation furnace, English name "Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer", referred to as "RTO". So far, the application of RTO in the purification of organic waste gas has more than 30 years of history, it can be said that the technology is mature and widely used.

The principle is to heat the organic waste gas to more than 760 degrees Celsius, so that the VOC in the waste gas is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. The high temperature gas generated by oxidation flows through the special ceramic heat accumulator, which heats up the ceramic body and "accumulates heat", which is used to preheat the subsequent organic waste gas. Thus saving fuel consumption of exhaust gas heating. Ceramic regenerator should be divided into two (including two) more than the area or chamber, each regenerator in turn through the process of heat storage - heat release - cleaning, repeat, continuous work. After the "heat release" of the regenerator, part of the clean exhaust gas that has been treated and qualified should be introduced immediately to clean the regenerator (to ensure that the VOC removal rate is above 95%), and the "heat storage" procedure can only be entered after the cleaning is completed.

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Product Advantage                                               

RTO has become a leader in the treatment of VOCs, purification speed, high efficiency, heat recovery rate of more than 95%, walking in the forefront of energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, there are two types of RTO on the market: bed type and rotary type, bed type has two beds and three beds (or multi-bed), and the use of two-bed RTO is gradually reduced as environmental protection requirements become more and more stringent. The three-bed type is to add a chamber on the basis of the two-bed type, two of the three chambers work, and the other one is purged and cleaned, which solves the problem that the original waste gas of the heat storage area is taken out without oxidation reaction.

RT0 structure is composed of combustion chamber, ceramic packing bed and switching valve, etc. According to the actual needs of customers, different heat recovery methods and switching valve methods can be selected; Because it has the characteristics of good treatment effect, wide coverage of industries, high thermal efficiency, and secondary waste heat recovery, greatly reducing production and operating costs. In the context of current environmental pressure and soaring prices, RTO is more economical and durable, and is favored by various industries.


Product application                                               

  Shandong Chaohua Environmental Protection Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rto in China. We can provide you with professional service and more favorable price. If you are interested in gas treatment Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rto products, please contact us. We follow quality assured, price conscience, dedicated service. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Rto:RTO equipment converts waste gas containing organic pollutants into harmless substances such as CO2 and water, mainly through high-temperature oxidation reaction. The exhaust gas is fed into the RTO equipment through a circulating fan, and under the action of the preheating section, the heat energy in the exhaust gas is recovered and the fresh air is preheated to a high temperature state. The preheated exhaust gas enters the reactor, where it chemically reacts with oxygen under the action of the filler layer, converting organic pollutants into harmless substances such as CO2 and water. The treated gas is heated and cooled again by a heat exchanger, and is finally returned to the production floor or the outside world by circulating fans. In the whole process, the control system monitors the operating status of the equipment in real time and adjusts the process parameters, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. RTO is widely used in chemical industry, printing and dyeing, painting, printing, pharmaceutical and other fields. Among them, the chemical industry is one of the areas where spray towers are widely used, because the waste gas generated in the chemical production process contains a large number of pollutants that need to be treated. Our company has a large inventory, looking forward to your consultation.

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1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are professional manufacturer for Environmental protection equipment, and our company also is a very professional a trade company for Environmental protection equipment products.we can also provide a wide range of Environmental protection equipment products.

2.Q:what is your delivery time ?
A: Our delivery time is about one week, timing according to the number of customers.

3. Q:What is your payment terms?
A: Our usual payment methods are T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, payment methods can be negotiated and customized with customers.

4.Q:What do your factory do regarding quality control?
A: We have obtained ISO, CE and other certifications. From materials to products, we check every process to maintain good quality.

5.Q:How can you ensure what I got will be good ? 
A: Alibaba will act as our guarantor. If the product fails the inspection before leaving the factory, you can refuse to accept the goods.

6. Q:How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A:We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ; We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them. No matter where they come from.

7.Q:How about MOQ?
A: The minimum order quantity is 1 Set, which can be customized according to customer requirements. Please feel free to leave us message if you have any question about us and our products.

8. Q: How do we trust your company?
A: We specialise in Environmental protection equipment business for years, headquarter locates in Jining, Shandong province,you are welcome to investigate in any ways, by all means, you could place an order in Alibaba with trade assurance which could secure your payment.


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