Granular Activated Carbon
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Granular Activated Carbon

Moist Granular Activated Carbon tends to consume oxygen in the air.In a safe or partially sealed device, the consumption of oxygen can create a“toxic“environment.If workers need to work in equipment equipped with activated carbon, they should abide by relevant national standards and operating regulations.

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Product Description

PRODUCT OVERVIEW                                 

Intriduction of activated carbon

Granular Activated Carbon is recognized as the most high quality porous carbon material. Due to its high development porous structure and huge specific

surface area, activated carbon is very strongly adsorbing. Activated carbon can also be impregnated with chemicals to produce impregnated activated carbon.

Thus it is not only used as an excellent adsorbent ,but also used as a catalyst or catalyst carrier.It is widely used for drinking water, pure water, wine,

beverage, industrial wastewater purification, decolorization, dechlorination,deodorant; Also can be used in oil refining industry to take off the mercaptan;

And can be used in food, waterworks, power plants, nuclear power, medical,mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel, tobacco, fine chemical industry, etc.Coconut

shell activated carbon technology parameters, and controlled values.

PRODUCT SHOW                                      


description for coconut shell activated carbon Powdergranular Activated carbon is made of high quality

anthracite under strictly controlled conditions. Different activated carbon adopt different technology and can meet customers' different

requirements. Activated carbon used for gold smelting,dechlorination,deoiling of industrial water such as food,chemical

industry,electric power,electric plate, etc,and further purifying treatment of potable water and sewage water.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS                                  


  The company has 18 years of development,with three provinces (Shandong, Jilin, Jiangsu) three provinces and cities of production layout network, the company has 30 provincial branches,prefecture-level branch 56, forming a nationwide service system network.The company has formed a comprehensive enterprise with three systems: environmental engineering-equipment manufacturing,environmental services, and construction,operation and maintenance of industrial, university-research parks. The company has also established an international quality management system in accordance with ISO9001, and every link from raw materials to finished products has been strictly tested, fundamentally ensuring the high quality and high grade of products.

  Runhua environmental protection equipment manufacturer as a variety of enterprises,scientific research,design,production,sales,service as one of the high-tech enterprises, with many years of research and development and construction technical personnel experience. The company has 9 production bases - Changchun Runhua Paint Equipment Co., LTD., Shandong Runhua Jinan branch, Runhua Foshan branch, Zouping Huihua Environmental protection Equipment Co., LTD., Liangshan Runhua Environmental protection first factory,second factory, third factory, Cangzhou environmental protection branch, Suzhou Runhua Environmental protection branch set up Shandong University of Science and Technology Binzhou area production and scientific research base. The company has 27 provinces and cities sales and after-sales service system, to achieve domestic and international synchronous development pattern.

 The company's main products are divided into clean cleaning coating equipment manufacturing, vocs waste gas treatment and environmental protection equipment, oil fume plasma purification equipment, welding smoke purification equipment,Environmental dust treatment equipment and other engineering design, manufacturing, installation and related new technology application. At present, the complete sets of coating equipment and

equipment on the market have high technical content, which is the crystallization of high-tech and many years of production practice. This series of products has advanced technology, reasonable structure, high quality, safe

and reliable, beautiful appearance, and high cost performance.

 The company's creative employees take the lead in the country to promote the technical transformation of painting equipment and environmental protection equipment, and have installed hundreds of production lines and equipment for users all over the country,respectively serving automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing,aerospace, military enterprises, railway rolling stock manufacturing,scientific research institutions, city buses, automobile maintenance and maintenance, and are favored by users.


Shandong Chaohua Environmental Protection Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. will participate in international exhibitions around the world every year, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing. At the same time, we cooperate with friends from all over the world, and sign cooperation agreements at the scene, and sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to guide our company.





Granular Activated carbon made from coconut shell. This hard, highly adsoptive charcoal is used specifically in air and vapor filters for eliminating odors and toxic vapors.Granular activated charcoal can also be placed in freeflow containers to adsorb offensive or oisonous odors in confined areas.

1. Gas phase absorption.Tail liquid recycle

and solvent recovery such as the recovery of benzene gas, gas recovery from gasoline, butane. Tropsch Synthesis of emissions to recover the hydrocarbon.pharmaceutical industry and other industrial waste waters

2. Work as catalysis carrier in synthesizing of mercury bichloride and Vinyl Acetate, or used for industrial gas desulphurization and phosgene production of the catalyst.

3. In the gold mining industry, gold recovery,extraction and refining.  

4, foodstuff industry(gournment powder and water purification )  

5,  mine,metallurgy and steel mand(gold charcoal)

6,  refine chemical (petro chemical sweeten)

7. medical  ethene desalt water charcoal SALES



PACKING AND DELIVERY                                


and shipping for coconut shell activated carbon

Standard exporting package, goods are put in

the pallet case. Or as required. Packed with weave bag 25kg+jumbo bag+pallet


Q:What certificates do youhave?


Q: Do you offer after-sales service?

A: Yes. Engineers available.

Q: How long is your warranty?

A: 2 years after the arrival of the goods. During this period, as long as it is

not a man-made damage, we send the damaged parts free of charge.

Q: What about your delivery Time?

A: Normally within 45 days against down payment.

Q: What about the package of your export product?

A: We use anticorrosion wooden case with foam inside.

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?


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